Visiting Angels

Diocese wide Food/clothes drive and FTFT! Service Day!

A diocese-wide service initiative will be started from today. Each church will place a box in the church to collect canned food, clothes and toiletries.

Contact the FTFT! Delegates from your individual church for details.
Then, on September 26th we will go out as o1ne unit and distribute the items we collected to local shelters and soup kitchens in our communities. (each church will go to a shelter nearest to it)

We will then all meet afterwards for prayer and fellowship and share the joy we experienced in this day!

we will be meeting at 5 pm in Archanel Michael and St. Mena's Church in Staten Island, NY.

The most important things for now are the following:
1) place a large donation box somewhere in your church
2) announce to your church to bring in the desired items (canned food, clothes, toiletries) encourage sunday school children to donate items so they can learn the joy of giving and service!

*if you would like to participate in this service day and your church is too far away to join us for our post-service meeting, PLEASE feel free to just go ahead and serve! We encourage you to spend the next two months collecting those items with your church and go out and distribute them on september 26th(or another day if you need to)

July FTFT! Delegates Day! 7/18/09 11:00 AM

What: July FTFT! Delegates' Day!

Why: We had a great response to FTF50 but some of you couldn't make it
because of various church celebrations of Pentecost. So we're having
another one just for you!

Who: Anyone interested in being a servant-leader (aka delegate) in their church! 
When: July 18th 12pm
Where: St. Mark's Church in West Side, New Jersey

If you've ever served in your church with FTFT! before or if you have been interested in getting involved in your church's, join us and find out how! 

Our world is desperately waiting for the power of God to be revealed in us. (Romans 8:19)

Visiting Angels

The first commandment with a promise is to Honor your father and mother… (Exodus 20:12)

We read St. Paul’s instructions to St. Timothy in light of this when he says …an older man… exhort him as a father… the older women as mothers… with all purity. (2 Timothy 5:1-2)

The group, dedicated to visiting the elderly, accomplishes FTFT!'s goal of spreading Love by engaging these men and women in conversation, as well as participating with them in activities.

We visit various nursing homes and essentially become friends with people who have grown in wisdom and experience over the years.

We show them care and interest and love, and show them that although they may have been forgotten by the lot of men… Christ still remembers them, as we are coming in His name.

New Vanderbilt Rehabilitation and Care Center, Inc

Staten Island Care Center

St. Francis Hospital

FTFT! T-Shirts

A collection of pictures featuring out FTFT! t-shirts!

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