FTFT!'s 5th birthday!


March 30th, 2007, marked the beginning of something truly special. It's a little something that Bishop David said "Some people read history in history books, but what you are doing today is that you are makinng history."Sometimes we don't like to reflect on things in fear that we will be dramatic or fall into pride...but God really does deserve to be praised for the work that He has done through this little idea called FTFT! He's done some things that we can taste, see and measure- such as numerous of prisoners and sick children and elderly that were visited, countless hours spent feeding the poor and thousands of slices of pizza being served to those in need. But He's done some things that are way more subtle but are equally important. He's transformed a culture of apathy to a culture of service.


Take a look around you now and think of a church that is resistant to the idea of service or mission in some form or another. That number is few or close to none. That wasn't the case 5 years ago. When a high school kid now is used to going to a dangerous part of NY or NJ to spend time with men and women who are poor, hungry, struggling and in need of a warm heart, a genuine smile, a listening ear, and a spiritual word- that's cool! When middle school children are accustomed to thinking and praying for the poor, that's not to be taken lightly.


It's easy for us to think that things have always been this way. But they really haven't. There was a time when going regularly to visit the sick, the poor and the imprisoned was foreign (unless they were Egyptian.) That time has come and gone! Now, churches all over the country are discovering the joy of finding Christ in the hospital, the soup kitchen and the prison! This, of course, can't all be traced back to the work of FTFT! But, it'd be silly to bypass the work He's done through this idea.


From countless presentations in churches, to numerous emails and phone calls of guidance...these servants helped lead the church back to who she always was- the place where the sick, the broken and afraid find healing and comfort in the person of Christ and in His body.


May God give us the zeal and courage to continue to be faithful to His lovingkindness.

Doin' Work! Orthodox Mission Conference!

We're excited to invite you to join us at the first annual Orthodox Missions Conference. There will be speakers from the Ethiopian, Coptic, and Indian Orthodox churches! We will spend the day exploring what God is doing on the local mission field in North America and how we can join Him! The lectures and workshops will focus on "Doin' Work: Liturgical Evangelism". You will have an opportunity to get involved in a number of Orthodox Mission and Evangelism opportunities right where you are!


At the end of the conference lectures and workshop, we will actually be heading out for mission together! 


Cost: $20 in advance $25 on site





Spare a quarter?

Spare a quarter?

Heard that one before, haven't you? The hopeful "any change sir?" is sadly familiar to all of us. No major city in the US is spared of the cries of the poor on the street. And while we all mean well, and hope well, and wish well for them...we often find ourselves doing-nothing.

But, groups of young Coptic people all over the US and Canada are. A certain phenomenon of sorts is sweeping the nation. Young Copts are taking the love of God through His Orthodox church, to the street and proclaiming with their words and actions that "Jesus Christ (JC) is here for you!"
Ministry has grown beyond the "JC4JC" or "Jesus Christ for Jersey City" which began in New Jersey. Now there’s to JC for NYC, for Orlando, for Tallahassee, for Montreal and so on. In these cities and many others, lives are being transformed by the sincere healing power of our Lord. Miracles become a norm. Repentance learned. Bonds of the devil are crushed and our Father in heaven is glorified.

Let's not just applaud...but join them. Show your community that "JC" is for them,

The NBA Cares...and So does COYBL!

You might have seen the great initiative from the National Basketball Association that has stars such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James doing more than dunk a basketball...but lend a helping hand in their local communities. 

This year, for the first time, the Coptic Orthodox Youth Basketball League decided to do the same! The "COYBL CARES" campaign launched this season. Partnering with FTFT!, players and coaches from New York and New Jersey are putting down the basketball to hit the streets and show the love of Jesus Christ to those who need it most! Players, coaches and servants are going out and serving pizza to men and women who are homeless in New York City! God is blessing the efforts of these young men by showing weekly fruit! Tears of repentance are a familiar sight...hearts are changed, spirits are lifted, and GOD IS GLORIFIED! 


H.H. Pope Shenouda III presided over the North American Annual Coptic Clergy Seminar (NAACCS) which was held in Holy Virgin Mary’s Spiritual Vineyard of Charlton, MA from Monday, September 14, 2009 through Wednesday, September 16, 2009. There were 14 bishops and over 220 priests from the United States & Canada in attendance. Among the bishops in attendance where: H.G. Bishop Pisenti (Helwan), H.G. Bishop Botros (Patmos), H.G. Bishop Serapion (Los Angles), H.G. Bishop Youssef (Southern), H.G. Bishop Suriel (Melbourne), H.G. Bishop Agathon (Brazil), H.G. Bishop Youssef (Bolivia), H.G. Bishop Reweis (General Bishop), H.G. Bishop Makarious (General Bishop), H.G. Bishop Youannis (General Bishop), H.G. Bishop Youhanna (General Bishop), H.G. Bishop Armia (General Bishop), H.G. Bishop David (General Bishop), and H.G. Bishop Michael (General Bishop). The Seminar consisted of spiritual words of wisdom delivered by H.H. Pope Shenouda III and Their Graces the Bishops to the Reverend Fathers, as well as Question & Answer sessions.

On Tuesday morning, September 15, 2009, H.H. along with Their Graces the Bishop and Reverend Fathers travelled to Nashua, New Hampshire to consecrate the Coptic Orthodox Church of Virgin Mary & Archangel Michael (41 Chandler St, Nashua, NH 03064-2816). After consecrating the church H.H. and the clergy returned to the vineyard to continue their seminar.

Don't Almost Volunteer...
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