Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

It's an amazing feeling to explore a city for the first time, isn't it? Experiencing a culture and taste it's history through it's architecture and dinning is just great. There's a similar feeling though, of experiencing the work of God in a new city; to taste and see His goodness in the eyes of it's natives. It's one of the key sites that you don't want to miss. It's like seeing New York City, without seeing Time Square, it's hard to believe that you really saw New York City. Your trip just just wouldn't be complete, would it?

Maybe that's what drove the group of visitors from the UK to want to see the fullness of the sights; not just the tall buildings, bright lights and busy streets of this great city but the work of the Living, Breathing, and Resurrecting God in the midst of all of that.

As the UK group boldly and lovingly distributed Easter candy and pamphlets filled with comfort from God's word and His church, they saw the real New York. they saw it in J.L., the man who was just laid off and was need of a gentle voice who would encourage him and pray with him. They met New York in C.C., the man earnestly seeking to know God, but deceived by a cult. As he broke down and told them "this is so scary. I was so confused. Thank you for what you're doing!" they knew they were witnessing something special. They saw, first hand, The Truth manifested.  That man walked away with a copy of the true message of love and salvation. Had it not been for these tourists, who knows where this man would be today?

This group knew that there were more God-sightings out there to experience. They spotted Him in Staten Island, NY, as they invaded the church neighborhood with love and hope; Speaking with store owners, home owners and the like. They went off two by two in the Spirit and power of our fathers the apostles. They went to continue the unfinished book of Acts. They distributed beutiful hand-made Easter cards that contained a message of the love of God and an invitation to His Coptic Church. Some were overjoyed at the visits- practically singing Hosanna and welcoming the King in their lives! While others were so beaten down by life that they would not even accept a free card. The sadness and hurt of the past covered their faces. But God surely heard their affliction, and came down to deliver them! (As He always does Ex. 3:7)

The stories are many, but they aren't just 'stories.' they're real lives that were touched and transformed by God and His children for all eternaty.

We invite you this vacation season, to do some Christ-seeing along with your sightseeing. The face of Jesus sure beats any beach, building or boardwalk.

Living Resurrected,

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