Mercy Rule

"Blessed are those who have mercy...who give to the poor, who fast and pray" "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy"

We've heard these words before..once or twice, or a hundred. The Church has been drilling it into our heads that lent isn't a diet and isn't a time to just seek God and forsake the needs of His children. 

This lent, we have a real opportunity to participate in lent the way God calls for it in Is. 58, to celebrate the Feast without hearing the words of Amos 5:21. This year we can choose to worship God...with our stomach, our heart....and our time. 

As we willfully abstain from burgers for these 55 days, there are families who abstain out of the compulsion of poverty. Maybe we can visit them? give them food and hope in the Bread of Life...As we willfully turn to God in prayer this season, there are children lying in a hospital bed who have lost the motivation to look heavenward. Maybe we can visit them and show them that in their despair, when they can't approach God...God sends His people to their door and to their very bedside...

Practically and simply, it's this. let's live up to our committments as God's children and as good citizens and show that when the Coptic Orthodox Church fasts, her children do more than raise the sales of veggie burgers and siyami cheese around the world. We raise awareness and bring comfort, hope, mercy...and bring the very Person of our Lord Jesus to those in our backyards who need Him most. 

Ask your youth servants what opportunities currently exist for the youth to show mercy to the community. If there are plenty, jump on board! If none exist, make one happen! We'd love to help you do that. 
these sites should help get you started:

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