Mercy Rule

"Blessed are those who have mercy...who give to the poor, who fast and pray" "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy"

Spare a quarter?

Spare a quarter?

Heard that one before, haven't you? The hopeful "any change sir?" is sadly familiar to all of us. No major city in the US is spared of the cries of the poor on the street. And while we all mean well, and hope well, and wish well for them...we often find ourselves doing-nothing.

But, groups of young Coptic people all over the US and Canada are. A certain phenomenon of sorts is sweeping the nation. Young Copts are taking the love of God through His Orthodox church, to the street and proclaiming with their words and actions that "Jesus Christ (JC) is here for you!"
Ministry has grown beyond the "JC4JC" or "Jesus Christ for Jersey City" which began in New Jersey. Now there’s to JC for NYC, for Orlando, for Tallahassee, for Montreal and so on. In these cities and many others, lives are being transformed by the sincere healing power of our Lord. Miracles become a norm. Repentance learned. Bonds of the devil are crushed and our Father in heaven is glorified.

Let's not just applaud...but join them. Show your community that "JC" is for them,

Article on the service in the Jersey Journal!

Young Coptic group works with homeless

JC4JC members visit, feed many at Journal Square
Thursday, July 15, 2010

People usually rush through the Journal Square PATH Plaza en route to a departing bus or train. Not the members of JC4JC. They plan to sit and talk and even bring food and refreshments to share with any one, especially the hungry and homeless who stay in the area.

They've been doing this on most Sunday afternoons for almost a year. And because of their dedication, some people look forward to the young adults coming.

"They're our friends and we truly love them as a family," said JC4JC member Meryam Attaalla, 21, who grew up in Jersey City but now lives in North Arlington.

She still worships at Ss. George & Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church about four blocks from the PATH Plaza. And though this group of young adults, who call themselves "Jesus Christ for Jersey City," may belong to a particular church, this venture is not church-sponsored.

A group of Coptic Orthodox young adults began to envision an organization based on the Gospel of Matthew 25 to carry out certain ministries. They started in 2007 according to Ann Marie Toss.

"We were looking to do something more," said Toss, 24, who just received her Master's in Religious Studies from Yale. Her uncle, Rev. David Bebawy, is the pastor of Ss. George & Shenouda.

And that's where the JC4JC group, averaging about 20 volunteers, gathers on Sunday afternoon about 4 o'clock to pray before they undertake feeding the hungry.

They made an arrangement with a downtown pizzeria and then head over to the PATH Plaza with the pizzas and sodas where they'll stay until about 7 o'clock. They sit and talk with whom ever comes by.

By now, they know the regulars and the police do not bother them. In fact, Attaalla says the police are happy to see them caring for the homeless....

The NBA Cares...and So does COYBL!

You might have seen the great initiative from the National Basketball Association that has stars such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James doing more than dunk a basketball...but lend a helping hand in their local communities. 

This year, for the first time, the Coptic Orthodox Youth Basketball League decided to do the same! The "COYBL CARES" campaign launched this season. Partnering with FTFT!, players and coaches from New York and New Jersey are putting down the basketball to hit the streets and show the love of Jesus Christ to those who need it most! Players, coaches and servants are going out and serving pizza to men and women who are homeless in New York City! God is blessing the efforts of these young men by showing weekly fruit! Tears of repentance are a familiar sight...hearts are changed, spirits are lifted, and GOD IS GLORIFIED! 

Living the Cross Practically

As Lent begins, the focus of this season should be on the cross. We should be thinking about how we can practically carry our cross to a world that is in dire need of Jesus' love.  


‎1. The Cross is a sign of love, bestowal, sacrifice, and redemption, which you ‎carry each time you are tired in view of the practice of these virtues.‎ Try to get tired for the rest of another, and for his deliverance and his service; ‎and be confident that God does never forget the fatigue of charity, "and each one will ‎receive his own reward according to his own labor." (1 Cor. 3:8). Train yourself to ‎give: whatever you bestow and support and sacrifice...and train yourself to give from ‎your necessities, as the blessed widow had done (Luke 21:4)...Tire yourself in your ‎service, because the more you tire, the more your love will appear, and therefore the ‎greater your sacrifice will be.‎ ‎

Don't Almost Volunteer...
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