Church of the week: St. Mary & St. George, Tally, FL

"Spring Break" is the long awaited and practically sacred time in the life of a student. This year a group of young Coptic people, like you...chose to give a part of it away. The group from Tallahassee flew all the way to New York and chose to spend their time washing the feet of the poor and the lonely. They teamed up with FTFT! for a missionary service weekend; the third of it's kind that FTFT! has arranged.

Throughout that weekend, they hit the streets of New York City and Jersey City to feed the poor, to stand beside the broken, to listen to the story of those who have no one to listen to. If you're familiar with the City, you know that a poor person on the street might as well be a part of the pavement. The sight of a barefoot woman sleeping on cardboard has somehow become...part of the scenery- but not for this group. They were here to say with their actions that this is NOT OK. While handing out simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that they made, they took time to speak God's truth into the lives of God's hurting children. They took time to notice NYC's invisible population. They heard enough sermons telling them "Go, and do likewise." (Luke 10:37) So they came...and showed mercy to their neighbor in the example of a familiar Samaritan.

Don't Almost Volunteer...
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