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We hope you had a blessed feast of Nayrouz! Good luck with those Coptic New Year's resolutions :)

One beautiful church started the year off in a pretty amazing way, if we do say so ourselves :) St. Mary's Church of Raleigh, North Carolina hosted the servants on FTFT! this past weekend. They allowed us to spend Friday evening sharing with them from the experiences and some of the biblical passages that just rock our world. The church youth group didn't stop there though. They wanted to spend the weekend out on the field serving the poor and the broken hearted. They seemed to have a sneak preview of the Gospel of the Nayrouz feast (Luke 4).  

So we spent the day on Saturday in prayer and fellowship in the church to prepare our hearts for the weekend of missionary service. After that, we hit the streets of downtown Raleigh with some pizza and with the love of God. Though there were some initial reservations, you wouldn't know it when you observed the scene in the park that day. It was like an army of 20 expert missionaries were in town to hand-deliver the love of Christ Jesus our Lord, with some extra cheese pizza on the side :) Everywhere you looked there were young Coptic people sitting at the feet of the poor of the community. Some were being prayed for or ministered to and others just had the rare opportunity of an open ear to hear their daily struggles. It was just a heavenly sight. An added contrast was made when a catholic group  (God bless them) were also present handing out food. But they left right after giving the food. They missed out on the best part of being able to spend personal time with Jesus in His clever disguise (Matt 25). 

The group was probably done by then right? NOPE! After loading up on the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, they decided to hit the nearest campus to share the blessing they received. They interacted with young seekers in NC State and shared with them the "Hope that lies within them" (1 peter 3:15). From Hindus and Agnostics to "former Christians," people were personally touched by the truth of Christ because these dedicated and loving ladies and gentlemen of the Coptic Church, loved the Lord way too much to stay on their couch. May God bless this amazing youth group as they shine like stars and serve as examples to us in "word, conduct, love, faith and purity" (you know this reference :)

As always, we encourage you to..."Go and do likewise" (Luke 10:37)

Church of the week: St. Mary & St. George, Tally, FL

"Spring Break" is the long awaited and practically sacred time in the life of a student. This year a group of young Coptic people, like you...chose to give a part of it away. The group from Tallahassee flew all the way to New York and chose to spend their time washing the feet of the poor and the lonely. They teamed up with FTFT! for a missionary service weekend; the third of it's kind that FTFT! has arranged.

Throughout that weekend, they hit the streets of New York City and Jersey City to feed the poor, to stand beside the broken, to listen to the story of those who have no one to listen to. If you're familiar with the City, you know that a poor person on the street might as well be a part of the pavement. The sight of a barefoot woman sleeping on cardboard has somehow become...part of the scenery- but not for this group. They were here to say with their actions that this is NOT OK. While handing out simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that they made, they took time to speak God's truth into the lives of God's hurting children. They took time to notice NYC's invisible population. They heard enough sermons telling them "Go, and do likewise." (Luke 10:37) So they came...and showed mercy to their neighbor in the example of a familiar Samaritan.

The NBA Cares...and So does COYBL!

You might have seen the great initiative from the National Basketball Association that has stars such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James doing more than dunk a basketball...but lend a helping hand in their local communities. 

This year, for the first time, the Coptic Orthodox Youth Basketball League decided to do the same! The "COYBL CARES" campaign launched this season. Partnering with FTFT!, players and coaches from New York and New Jersey are putting down the basketball to hit the streets and show the love of Jesus Christ to those who need it most! Players, coaches and servants are going out and serving pizza to men and women who are homeless in New York City! God is blessing the efforts of these young men by showing weekly fruit! Tears of repentance are a familiar sight...hearts are changed, spirits are lifted, and GOD IS GLORIFIED! 

Diocese wide Food/clothes drive and FTFT! Service Day!

A diocese-wide service initiative will be started from today. Each church will place a box in the church to collect canned food, clothes and toiletries.

Contact the FTFT! Delegates from your individual church for details.
Then, on September 26th we will go out as o1ne unit and distribute the items we collected to local shelters and soup kitchens in our communities. (each church will go to a shelter nearest to it)

We will then all meet afterwards for prayer and fellowship and share the joy we experienced in this day!

we will be meeting at 5 pm in Archanel Michael and St. Mena's Church in Staten Island, NY.

The most important things for now are the following:
1) place a large donation box somewhere in your church
2) announce to your church to bring in the desired items (canned food, clothes, toiletries) encourage sunday school children to donate items so they can learn the joy of giving and service!

*if you would like to participate in this service day and your church is too far away to join us for our post-service meeting, PLEASE feel free to just go ahead and serve! We encourage you to spend the next two months collecting those items with your church and go out and distribute them on september 26th(or another day if you need to)


The Time to serve...I was just thinking that there has to be a season for everything. In our church we know this to be true because our own church had a season for martyrdom, a season for growth, a season for expansion into other countries and now I feel it is the season of Service! So as the feast Pentecost has at last come; I challenge everyone to ask themselves, "How Can I serve?"  Then Pray, Pray and Pray and talk to your father of confession. When you are ready contact any member of FTFT and lets get the ball rolling Together!Peace and Love 

Don't Almost Volunteer...
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