Why Volunteer?

We could tell you that it's important to volunteer and serve the most needy amongst your brothers and sisters because Christ commanded or because the Bible tells us to volunteer and serve. But you know that already. We could tell you that it's time to turn that knowledge into action, time to turn all those sunday school lessons and lectures that we've heard so many times from words into work.

But we won't tell you that. We're not preachers.
What we will tell you though, is that it's fun. It's amazing. It's the best time you can have. You'll be with other Christian brothers and sisters having the time of your lives. Trust us. And if you don't, ask anyone who's ever been to an FTFT! event. FTFT! is about using your Free Time and turning it into Fun Times, Friendship Times, and Fellowship Times.  Ok. Ok. We're a little corny. But serving isn't corny. If you try it once and you don't agree, then you can write us an email telling us. And then never FTFT! again.

But take a chance. Do something different. For yourself and for someone else!

Don't Almost Volunteer...