Visiting Angels

The first commandment with a promise is to Honor your father and mother… (Exodus 20:12)

We read St. Paul’s instructions to St. Timothy in light of this when he says …an older man… exhort him as a father… the older women as mothers… with all purity. (2 Timothy 5:1-2)

The group, dedicated to visiting the elderly, accomplishes FTFT!'s goal of spreading Love by engaging these men and women in conversation, as well as participating with them in activities.

We visit various nursing homes and essentially become friends with people who have grown in wisdom and experience over the years.

We show them care and interest and love, and show them that although they may have been forgotten by the lot of men… Christ still remembers them, as we are coming in His name.

New Vanderbilt Rehabilitation and Care Center, Inc

Staten Island Care Center

St. Francis Hospital

Don't Almost Volunteer...