"Remember those in prison as if chained with them"

Hebrews 13:3

Our Lord came to provide solace to those who are afflicted and freedom to those who are in chains. He directly commanded that we visit those who are in prison regardless of their guilt or innocence.

We know that true liberty comes from within, through a relationship with Christ, and the FTFT! Freedom! group provides those who are eager to serve and preach the love of Jesus Christ to the imprisoned, with the means and direction to do so.

Through previously established Christian ministries such as "Prison Fellowship," we receive the necessary connection to prison chaplains in order to assist in Coptic-centered bible studies, Coptic-themed seminars, and other special events.

We work in men's, women's, as well as juvenile correctional facilities. We give the Lord many opportunities to use us to change the lives of His children who are imprisoned.

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